Getting into the top secret agency is a big deal and getting a real big assignment right away is a challenge that can prove deadly. Luke Stone was a Delta Force soldier before he joined the army so he already knew how to deal with the enemies with an iron fist. However, he quickly learned that there was a difference between confronting the enemy on the battlefield and foreign soil.

Luke is charged with the duty to save the daughter of the president before she gets killed by the terrorists who are after her life. Luke was married quite recently so he wanted some time with his wife who was expecting as well. The mission was serious so he goes to Iraq to capture the rogue American who was planning big against the country.

At this time the terrorists kidnapped the daughter of the president and authoritatively ask for ransom. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that the girl would be retrieved alive. Luke is called back for this new mission and later he understands that this new issue is linked to the same mission in a secretive way.

Author Jack Mars along with the narrator Larry Gorman has provided the audience a complicated story in a simple way. The author has also come up with Absolute Zero and Agent Zero, in which the agent had almost the same qualities which Luke possesses in this novel. The last minute twist happens to be the most interesting one because it plays a deciding role in the novel. Luke gets the reward for his hard work but after a lot of sacrifices which he had to make.

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