The unthinkable takes place just when it was never expected i.e Day and June are together on the same mission and have the same cause now. Day and June once belonged to two different sections of society in Legend and were enemies for each other even when they had never met in their lives. Now the two are the exact couple that the rebels needed for a fight against the class that has been suppressing them for many decades. Elector Primo is now gone and the chance is right for an attack, the new one who takes his place is his son and worse than his father in many ways.

Marie Lu takes the story to Vegas where crime nourishes further and the rebels prove to be quite welcoming for the merging power couple of Day and June. June is not the princess like anymore she is a warrior and plans for the murder of Anden one step ahead of Day. Plan shatters just when June was about to execute it because she finds in Anden a new spark of change. Killing him was never an answer and the rebels were wrong in their decision making. Day different in approach in this second part he thinks that Anden is hiding his true face and the catastrophe is drawing near.

Steven Kaplan and Mariel Stern end the story well in serious looking attitude in their voices. These two narrators have held the story well and people hope to see Champion opening with the same voices. An association of the listeners is developed with the narrators now and change would not be acceptable at all.







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