The intentions were to end the book at the trilogy but Marie Lu just cannot hold the horses and creates another one after Prodigy and Champion. The end of the trilogy left Day battered and now known as Daniel in the new world that he and June created is not living in the society. Daniel tries to hide his presence from everyone even June.

More closer to him now is Eden Wing his brother whose safety is the primary objective now. Eden does not look at his brother in the same way for him his brother is someone who has stole his life from him. No matter how hard Eden performs in the university or in his profession he is recognized as Daniel’s little brother.

Striving for an individual status Eden mixes in the wrong part of the society and the pit that he himself digs prove to be a little deeper than he expected. Daniel is again on the run to save not the society but the brother that he cares for more than June. But the trouble needs the couple back for the solution and this trouble proves to be the one thing that unifies Day and June together. It is a whole new battle that has started and the reference of the past doesn’t matter much.

The enemy is new and so are the desires but Day now called Daniel and his beloved June are the same with same passion of love in their hearts. Nile Bullock took some time to set in as the narrator but Steven Kaplan helped him well as a partner till the last line.





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