Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising is a book about Sputnik and the secret rivals which ignited the space age. The book is from the computers and technology category. It is written by Matthew Brzezinski. He is an American writer and a journalist, he started his journalistic career in Warsaw in the early 1990s. He also worked for prestigious publications like The Economist and The New York Times.

The audio performance by Charles Stransky was quite good. You will like him for his excellent reading style and producing voices which made this audiobook a joyful listen.

It was 4th October 1957 and at the time of the Cold War paranoia, the Soviet Union launched the first-ever artificial moon of the Earth secretly. It was not bigger than a basketball and that small satellite was operated through a car battery. Despite all of this simplicity. Sputnik in no time stunned the entire world.

Based on research in the USA and the new archives of former Russia, the book tells the tale of the five most significant months in the technology’s history. It also tells the account of the intense rivalry between the two big superpowers of the world. It will take us all within the Kremlin and introduce Korolev, the Soviet engineer. Korolev is not known by many Americans. But the NASA that we all know today is just because of him. He is also behind the loan programs started for college students and as well as in the making of Johnson and Kennedy as presidents.

The author is excellent with all his research and brings forward so many facts along with some behind-the-scenes information as well. All this was further topped by Charles with his outstanding audio performance.

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