Run Away

Run Away is a suspenseful mystery-thriller novel. The book is written by Harlan Coben. The mystery-thriller fans in America and even beyond are very much familiar with the author. More than 70 million books are available in the print version. On top of that, his novels are translated into 43 different languages. This is something that helped him with quick and big fame on an international level. This is something to cheer about for the author. He is known for writing novels that involve situations of resurfacing the misinterpreted and unresolved events in the past. They could well be fatal accidents or plain murders. This is something that makes Harlan Coben’s novels extremely interesting. You must also check the same, especially in his The Boy from the Woods and Don’t Let Go novels.

Steven Weber has narrated this novel. This is not the first time Steven Weber has collaborated with Harlan Coben for audiobook narration. They have partnered multiple times before and their partnership is excellent. It worked this time as well. Steven is a TV artist and a commercial actor as well. He maximized all his acting skills to produce such a powerful narration. His voice quality is top-notch and you will like him for the control over his voice, his tonal quality, expression, and accent as well.
The Run Away novel received the Edgar Award for a best mystery thriller novel. Harlan Coben has also won the Anthony Award and Shamus Award. This feat makes him the first writer to win all these awards. Run Away novel is a huge nail biter. The beauty of Harlan Coben realized in this novel is that he can convert simple characters into superhumans.

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