Save the Cat!

Save the Cat! is a screenplay and reference work written by Blake Snyder. It has been proclaimed as the last book you’ll ever need on screenwriting. The book has remained a best seller for more than 15 years and has been used by screenwriters everywhere. Snyder became one of the most popular writing mentors in the film industry because of his Save the Cat trilogy of books on screenwriting and story structures. He was a member of the Writers Guild of America, West. Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies is a solid book by him. Furthermore, you need to give Save the Cat! Strikes Back a try.

Since this book is written from Blake’s point-of-view, we needed a strong voice, and we have that in the form of George Newbern. He has a reasonably pleasant voice.

Blake tells us all in this funny and candid book about the movie business. This book is one of the ironclad rules of the author for solidifying your ideas and making them more marketable. By doing this, you are giving yourself a greater chance to succeed and have a satisfying script.

He has shared his immense wealth of knowledge. We get to know the four elements of the winning logline. We are told of the 10 genres that matter the most. We are told that our hero must be the center-stage of the idea of the plot. We have to correctly utilize conflict and emotional change. Finally, we should know how to get back on track using proven rules for script repair.

This book lives up to the expectations and claims. It gives solid advice for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in screenwriting. This guide reveals the hidden secrets that none dare admit, but Snyder took the plunge for us.

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