Shatner Rules

Shatner Rules is a cute book about the career and life stories of William Shatner. It is written by William Shatner and Chris Regan. Doing the Capt. James T. Kirk’s role in the Star Trek franchise is a lifetime achievement for the Canadian actor. His acting era spans seven long decades and that puts him at the top place to share his experiences or devise some rules for the upcoming talent in the entertainment field. He has also written science fiction and his Star Trek; Captain’s Peril is one top short novel for science fiction lovers to try. The second best from the author is Star Trek: The Return (Adapted).

William Shatner usually narrates all his audiobooks himself and Shatner Rules is no different. It is a fantastic listen and you will love the voice of William Shatner who effortlessly connects with all his audience.

William Shatner has countless fans worldwide and the relationship of the fans with the great man span for multiple decades. The love is for his varied talents where you will appreciate his creativity, skills, and his willingness to take bold risks. His negotiation techniques are superb too. The Shatner Rules is a guide for all fans of William Shatner who want to become as popular and as successful as him.

Shatner Rules tells some inspiring and interesting stories about the life and career of the legend with typical Shatner flavor. The only complaint that the audience has with this book is that it is too short. They want William Shatner to continue with another installment which will be a continuation of the stories that are shared here.

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