Shutter Island was the place that was designed to keep the insane criminals at a distant place from society. Those criminals were treated as patients because their behavior was never normal in society. The Ashecliffe Hospital had all the facilities to tame the patients and try to make them come out of their miserable state. Terror of this tale has been passed to Mystic River and The Given Day to some extent so one can get some hints about those books as well.

Two agents land on Shutter Island when a patient escapes from the hospital. Teddy and Chuck were hired to catch the patient and bring her back to the hospital. However, their real mission was to investigate the hidden facts about the hospital.

There were rumors that the hospital was experimenting on the patients with the help of illegal drugs and there was some brainwashing going on in a bad way. Teddy also had some personal motives too which didn’t want to share with anyone. As the two agents start going down deep in the investigation they think that they have been facing a lot of lies about the facility.

Moreover, when they reach the core of the issue, their survival is brought to the stake. They think that the hospital management will not let them escape out of the island and the one behind everything wants to prove that they have also gone insane.

Dennis Lehane has painted a psychological thriller in which we come face to face with different kinds of mad men. David Strathairn has not narrated all of these mad guys in the same way because some have gone mad because of too much power.

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