Siege Tactics

The targets are achieved and the quests fulfilled but the problems still linger on the group of friends who were never the heroes of any battle. Still praised like heroes they march on for another mission in hand, this time it is personal.

One of their friends has been acting in a strange manner and they know that there is something seriously wrong with him. The answer or cure is present in Lumal the place where knowledge seeps through the very walls of the city even. The wisdom in the books and people is far more superior as compared to the rest of the cities the friends ever visited. While they move on their journey from one place to another they reach an astonishing new place buried beneath the thickness of the heavy forest.

The people there are not ordinary people, they are like the history books full of wise thoughts and eras that they have witnessed through their own eyes. Soon they learn that they are not staying in the town rather they are trapped their forever like the rest of the people. Drew Hayes puts more spooky material in this and this was not tried in NPCs and Split the Party, the author wanted to break the routine a little.

No experimentation by Roger Wayne in the sweet narration and he should never experiment with the exact pitch that has been garnishing the series for so long. The fans would feel hurt if they find the ever likeable narration style absent in any of the parts. Expectations for the fifth part are emerging from all side because the city of knowledge is yet to be explored.





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