Small Favor

Small Favor is a book written by Jim Butcher. He is a maestro when you consider books in the mystery-thriller genre. The subject novel is the 10th installment in The Dresden Files novel series. The author always surprised his audience with unique mystery thrillers that include Storm Front and Peace Talks etc.

James Marsters is good for giving consistent and powerful narration. His subtle voice with good expression will make your day once you listen to this audiobook.

It has been a year almost and nobody so far has tried to kill Harry Dresden. His family also seems to be calming down. The future for once looks quite bright. On the other side, the future for once at least looked quite bright. But, it is the past that is still haunting and causing a great shadow over the present and the future even.

It was an old deal that has put Harry under a debt of Mab. He was the monarch of the Winter Court. The court belonged to Sidhe who was the renowned Queen of Air and Darkness. She is now calling in the marker. It is just a very small favor which he is in no position to refuse. But, it is also a favor that might trap Harry in between a deadly ally and a horrifying foe. It is also something that would completely strain his skills. On top of that, his loyalties would also be tested.
If you have come to this chapter after going through all earlier novels then you must have been a huge fan of The Dresden Files series. This novel, Small Favor wouldn’t disappoint you at all. This is exactly what you might be expecting to come out of the pen of Jim Butcher.

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