Janet Evanovich has given a lot of time to the series about Stephanie Plum and so far the woman has not been engaged to any of the men present in her life. She has a few boyfriends among whom she has to choose but she has remained undecided throughout these years of bounty hunting. Being a professional bounty hunter is the thing which she likes the most and she has been hitting targets on regular intervals. Now her mother thinks that she should think about her personal life instead of these other useless activities. Ranger and Joe are there for her and both of them want to marry Stephanie for the past many years.

Though both of these men are poles apart from each other but Stephanie’s heart has feelings for both of them. In this situation Stephanie’s mother comes with another solution, she advises Stephanie to leave these two men and marry the football star who looks quite a decent man. However Stephanie has bigger issues to solve i.e someone has started killing people and the police thinks that it’s Stephanie.

In order to clear her name, she has to find the real killer before it’s too late. The Recovery Agent and One for the Money provided you some surprises and this one will amuse you more. Stephanie finds herself in a situation like never before and she has to dig deep to get out of it. A narrator with a sweet voice was required for this novel because there are some love scenes. Lorelei King has used all his experience to provide the voice which was required in this novel.

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