Split the Party

Fiction about the non-players enters the second level, the in order to save their skin from the wrath of a king move further away towards the land of unknown. Whole world is after them because the king has set heavy bounty on them and cities are not a safer place anymore. Thus the NPCs plan for a stay in the village where they are not known by the natives. Keeping their identities hidden and maintain a low profile is currently the plan of this squad. They have decided that they will never launch themselves into another mission throughout their lives because they think they will not get out of the consequences of the first.

Briarwillow a one ideal village was all they were looking for but it is in a lot of trouble when reached. The locals are hoping that this group of travelers can solve the problem for them and NPCs has no other option except to accept the proposal. Drew Hayes is maxing adventures one into another but if one never had the time to listen to NPCs  it is not a problem at all. The story is clear and not a lot of turn and twists. Lot of new people but they are not the main ones so knowing or forgetting about them is not a big issue. Roger Wayne makes funny voices at the time of running scenes for the touch of humor.

Humor is the basic essence of the series and almost every book of Drew Hayes; here it surpasses every other incident or theme. Book has a lot for the youngsters and the novel continues on the outside and no personal scenes like the monologue were every attached.



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