Stay Close

Harlan Coben paints in the classic style the story of three strange people who have nothing in common except that they are all very good at keeping secrets. Keeping secrets has not been easy for them because it has made their lives troublesome. They look satisfied but this is just a big drama behind the veil of quietness there is a face that is constantly in a sad mood. Megan is the first woman who appears in the initial chapters of the novel. She is living a perfect life by all standards i.e has two children and a husband which one can find in the movies only. But still, she is not satisfied at all because there is something that is eating her up from the inside. Later the story comes to the doorstep of a man who vanished from his house approximately seventeen years ago.

His family still prays that he might come back to them someday. It was detective Broome who took the case of this missing man years ago but she has given up on it because there were no clues ever found regarding the case. The third one that Scott Brick narrates is Ray who too has reached a dead end in life. Like Missing You and Fool Me Once author joins the path of these three characters and finally their paths in life start mixing up very quickly. Although they never had any interaction in the past their collaboration is needed to solve the big case in this mystery book. The author has joined these different stories very neatly and finding a weak link in it is impossible.

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