Super Powereds: Year 1

“Super hero” section in literature has been the main area of concern for Drew Hayes for many years. He has presented books like Second Hand Curses and Forging Hephaestus in which we meet more than one super hero at a time. Heroes that are present in these novels are not the conventional style that is present in the movies and old time novels.

The heroes are with super power but their personalities are non-conventional and at times can be called strange. This series introduces a new kind of institute like “Harry Potter”, here in Lander institute children with special skills are trained to be heroes. Not all of them are selected for the special training only those who different from the rest get the chance to become official heroes.

The there is also the mud blood situation; there are students who are more than humans and lesser than heroes. Powereds is the term that the institute uses for them, they can’t be trained as heroes and they can neither become supers. An entirely new zone in which the author has started working and this is just the beginning of a new series narrated by Kyle McCarley. Description of this new institute is mind blowing and the jealousy between the students along with the competition they bear is awesome.

In the parts to come only the future will decide the fate of the supers and the powereds, and the worth would be proved in the field when action will take place in the class and on the field. At least up to this part in the class the supers are winning in everything including the gain of respect.




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