Super Powereds: Year 2

The band of misfits known as the powereds still hangs on with the Lander University, a place where heroes are trained. The university has been training supers for a longtime but the only problem the institute has failed to solve is the one associated with children who don’t have fully bloomed powers.

They are the second rank students who cannot mix in the human world but they have no place among the supers as well. This is the second year for the students and the previous one Super Powereds: Year 1 was a rough and tough one. Students were kidnapped on regular intervals and there was a group of students that went out of hands. But kidnapping was not the only thing they group wanted, it had certain other dark desires and thus now they are treated as villains. So the kids in the second year of their Hero course now try to work as a team.

Most of the students still don’t like it at all but for survival in the real world and in the school it is necessary. Drew Hayes tries to make the underdogs rise and since the beginning of time people love the rise of those who are usually no loved. Love is not in the air but from the look of the story it is a surety that the audience will observe bonds between the students that will set the course of the story in the later chapters.

A causal tone by Kyle McCarley and the narrator is still not trying to do too much in the narration perhaps when the war will get intense we would see a change.



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