Survive Week One

Humanity is on the verge of the chaos once again because the enemy is coming and it is not going to be lenient this time. First attacks were just for the sake of inspection and the next time the enemy will come to the earth it will be fully prepared. So the humans are not left with a lot of time for the preparations. They need super soldiers that can outclass the enemies on the battlefield. For this, the army is recruiting men but not all are qualified for the program.
To quality first, a person has to sign in for a Virtual Reality game that looks real. The one who survives in the game is later hired in the squad. Playing the game would have been simple if the pain and the wounds would have been virtual too. The pain which one receives in the game is real which means that you are in the middle of a real war when you enter the game. Lucius also applies for the job and he gets selected immediately.

After that, he is sent to the game known as “freedom”. Because of the lack of time, the pain dampeners are turned off so that the training becomes fruitful also in this way the participants become able to understand what they are signing for in reality.

Apollos Thorne’s work is narrated by MacLeod Andrews this time, the narrator has a voice that appeals to the ear like a melodious song. Scorching Sun and Through the Belly of the Beast are also among the best the author has created in his lifetime. Every chapter or we can say every line of these books is heart-touching. The pain and sense of achievement everything is with a feeling.

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