Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon

Hollie Jackson narrates a different time zone in which the Earth is in the rebuilding process. Three thousand years have passed since the day when the people of the earth almost perished because of the war. The few that survived decided to attain their lost glory but it was not an easy thing at all. Some of the humans thought that they should go old school and should go back to the magical techniques that were used in olden times.
The second group was in favor of technological skills that helped them reach the top in the pats. Avalon has two types of forces present in it now, one believes in tanks and fire power while the other is completely dependent on magic that is used by their knights. Peace seems to be the only way that can solve the problem and both groups would be able to thrive in their way.
Author Erik Schubach first takes the listeners to the peace talk and then the author ignites the things once more for the fans. Techromancy Scrolls: Colossus and Paying the Toll would give you more to enjoy the themes of the author. There is a lot of talk about the war but actually, the war is not taking place all the time.
There are planning that can lead to big wars but all of it is in blueprints on most occasions. If someone is hoping to see sudden twists in the basic storyline then this is not his kind of stuff. It is the kind of story which moves on the same line with no further alterations by the author.

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