The Alchemyst

The myth about the Alchemyst is brought to light once again by Michael Scott. The concept is not new as we have heard about it several times but none of us ever got the chance to listen to it in detail. There are such references in other books related to fantasy but Nicholas Flamel’s character never got detailed descriptions by anyone before. References about the man were there in the legendary Harry Potter but it was not enough.
Denis O’ Hare narrates the full story of the man who officially died in 1418 but according to legend, he is still out there living among the common people. His grave is empty and it was constructed just to mislead the people of the time.

Nicholas Flamel got the book of Abraham the Mage in which there was a secret recipe for the construction of an elixir with the help of which a man can live forever. For centuries according to the legend, Nicholas has been making that elixir to keep himself alive. The book which he has is quite beneficial but it can prove to be deadly too if it lands in the wrong hands.

Dr. John Dee is one of the men who want to misuse the book to gain control of the world. The Magician and The Warlock are other parts of this series that would become hard to understand if you leave this introductory part. Sophie and Josh are two characters who come a little later in the novel but one should not underestimate their importance. These two are the chosen ones according to prophesy and only they can save Flamel and the book from John Dee.

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