The Battlemage

The Battlemage is a novel for young adults. It is written by Taran Matharu with a lot of command and authority over the plot and its characters. The author rose to prominence quite quickly and became the bestselling writer in the US at a very tender age of 30. The other books where the author has impressed his audience and critics are The Champion and The Inquisition.

The Battlemage novel is narrated by Ralph Lister. He did a phenomenal performance with his magical voice and made this title extremely interesting in audio.


Fletcher and his friends are the ones who were looking to fight for the sake of their survival in the ether. It was the place where they must look to pursue a fatally dangerous quest to reconstruct their world and then the brokered peace.

The hatred even threatened to convert allies into foes. Fletcher was supposed to take lead on a tiny army of soldiers into the war. The agenda was to defend his beloved ancestral homeland. He was up against the biggest challenge ever in his life. The albino orc Khan, his nemesis was the one who looked to destruct everything dear to Fletcher by any means.

The Battlemage is for sure one of the finest novels by Taran Matharu and it is highly recommended. This title brings the Summoner trilogy to its epic conclusion which was the bestseller in New York Times for such amazing titles that people loved a lot. Ralph Lister once again was outstanding with his narration. You will not be able to think about any replacement after finishing this audio novel in the voice of Ralph Lister.

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