Jeffery Deaver has brought very strong characters in the world of literature, the characters have a strong personalities and they happen to be experts in their field. It is very rare to find a weakness in the characters which Jeffery has portrayed. The Midnight Lock and The Coffin Dancer had a limited number of characters but the strength in the personality of those characters was mind blowing. No one can say that the author has ever left anything incomplete in the stories.

The plot happens to be perfect on all occasions too so don’t think twice if you have this book in hand because it is going to decorate your weekend like a big fourth of July. Lincoln Rhyme used to be the best in his field and he was one of those rare men who caught more criminals than anyone else on the job.

Solving crimes and getting to the criminals was his chief motive and then in a single day, everything was snatched from him within a very short period. Not only did the accident injure his body but it also damaged his emotions permanently. He left his job and committed to himself that he would never indulge in a crime scene ever.

After a few years, a reckless criminal is back and he wants to tease Lincoln. Amelia gets on the case but she thinks she cannot handle the case without Lincoln’s help. So the two get back on track and go after the criminal who is trickier than they thought. We cannot say that Connor O’ Brien has given more attention to Lincoln during narration because the narrator has treated all the characters equally.

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