The Boy from the Woods

The Boy from the Woods is a mystery thriller novel. It is written by Harlan Coben who has so far offered some great entertainment to mystery thriller lovers. As a testimony of that, you could check out his Don’t Let Go and Run Away novels.

Steven Weber is here to narrate this audio novel. He just nailed the narration and everyone enjoyed it. It was 30 years ago when Wilde was discovered as a boy who was living savage in the woods. He had no memory of his past. He is an adult now but he still has no idea that from where he comes from. In another event, one more child goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Nobody was taking the disappearance of Naomi Pine seriously. Even his father was not so serious about it. There was one exception of Hester Crimstein. He was a TV attorney and his grandson informed him that there is a guy named Naomi who was always bullied at school relentlessly. Hester had a very strong and tragic connection with Wilde. He asked him to maximize all his unique skills to help recover Naomi.
Wilde was in no position to overlook an outcast in distress. But, he is supposed to go back into the community to help find Naomi. It was the community where he had never managed to fit in easily. It was a place that protects all the powerful creatures, even if they are harboring secrets that could kill millions of people.
The Boy from the Woods is simply an outstanding novel. Harlan Coben is excellent as always in giving such strong characters and plot.

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