The Charm School

Charm school does not look that charming when one gets into its real picture. It is a school that is specially built to train the Russian agents in a way that they can get mixed in the American culture without being noticed. Several American citizens are also involved in this and they are betraying their land in a big way. If the KGF agents get successful in their mission then they would be able to move freely in the United States. No one knew about it until an American tourist visited the place accidentally. The tourist got horrified when he came to know about the reality behind the whole campaign. Somehow the tourist was able to leak the news for the CIA which started a massive mission against the Charm School. Conspiracies in the government and agencies are scene on different scales here with catastrophic results.

Nelson DeMille talks freely about the issues related to the agency and America’s relation with Russia in the current scenario. Scott Brick also provides special sounds while narrating the Russian side; on the other hand, the narration of the American people was just natural. Nelson has a habit of talking about different odd or out-of-the-way things in the novel, The Deserter and The Gold Coast are also known for their strange links to different things. Here the concept of the Charm School is also unique and at some points, we get the hint that perhaps such schools do exist in the agencies. The details of the school made it appear as real in our minds and we can imagine the Russians plotting against the Americans in a big way.

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