The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is a mystery thriller. It is a novel written by Craig Johnson. The book is the 5th installment in the Walt Longmire novel series. Craig is a brilliant author with a good collection of mystery novels under his name. If you are interested in checking his novels then do start with his The Cold Dish and Next to Last Stand novels first.

George Guidall is a highly experienced narrator. He has been a part of multiple novels as its narrator and played a pivotal role in the success of those audiobooks. He brought all his experience in this novel to give another smashing performance.

Longmire, the sheriff started an investigation when his instincts directed him that something is fishy and not good at all about a prisoner. The lady prisoner had allegations of killing her husband, Wade Barsad. He was known as someone with a very mysterious past. He locked up the horses of his wife in the barn and then he just burnt them all alive. As a reaction, his wife Mary shot her husband six times in the head. However, Longmire had no belief in the confession statement of Mary. He is fully determined to dig deeper as he knew that there is some secret behind her confession and she is deliberately hiding it.
First of all, The Dark Horse is not a standalone chapter. If you are a starter with the series and thinking about going with The Dark Horse first then stop right away. You need to first go through the earlier novels in the series to get the background, storyline, and development of characters. The book is quite fascinating overall and you will be in awe of such a great performance by George Guidall.

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