The Echo Wife

The Echo Wife is a suspenseful mystery-thriller novel. It is authored by Sarah Gailey. She is from the USA and known for writing. Darkly gothic thrillers and alternate history titles. For her River of Teeth title, she won the Hugo Award and Locus Award for best novella in 2018. When We Were Magic is another considerable title from the author that you must check out.

The audio narration of The Echo Wife is done by Xe Sands. She is a terrific narrator and her solid performance made this novel even more interesting.

The story of this novel started with Martine who was a genetically cloned copy made from the award-winning research of Evelyn Caldwell. She was quite gentle, patient, and obedient. She had almost everything which Evelyn Caldwell swore that she would never be. And then, she was also having an affair with her husband of Evelyn. The cheating bastard then appeared dead. That was the time when both of the Caldwell wives had a really big mess to clean up on their own.

Another good thing about Evelyn Caldwell was that she was quite used to getting her hands dirty.

Sarah Gailey is an amazing writer and she just keeps on getting better with her every new novel. This at the time of its publication was her best novel for sure. There might be a few loose ends and plot holes in the story but those were covered up well with the other parts of the story. The story itself has so many layers along with a very good dose of suspense as well. On top of that, Xe Sands was at her usual best once again and she made this novel such a special thing in the audio format.

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