The Final Empire

The Final Empire is an attention-grabbing novel by Brandon Sanderson. It is part 1 from the Mistborn book series by the author. It is a science fiction fantasy novel that challenges the thinking of the listener in many different ways. The narration of the book is done by Michael Kramer in his signature style and with a powerful voice, which listeners can easily relate with the characters being played by him.

Brandon Sanderson is regarded as the contemporary master of fantasy fables. He makes his audience think with a very simple question asked: “What if the leader or hero of the prophecy gets failed? And what would be the resultant world when the charge of the world is in the hands of the Dark Lord?” The answers to these mind spinning questions could be found in this book. The book promises to surprise with you its tale and the exceptional martial arts tips, tricks and tactics that began in the Mistborn book series.

Kelsier discovered himself with the powers of Mistborn. He was known as a skillful thief and also as a natural leader. He turned all his talent and skills to be the ultimate caper and had the Lord Ruler mark for himself. In his team, he then recruited the elite from the underworld, who would be the most trustworthy and smartest as well. Each of them had to share one of the many powers that Kelsier has and all of them to relish a known high-risk challenge.

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