The Guardians

Guardians is a mystery thriller. It is written beautifully by John Grisham. The novel received a lot of fan following both on print and audio versions. The author is loved for his amazing writing skills, creativity, and imagination. A collection of all these could also be seen in his A Time for Mercy and A Time to Kill novels.

Michael Beck has narrated this powerful chapter in his powerful voice. He was phenomenal with his pitch, tonal quality, expression, and accent. The audience wants him to carry on with the same performance in the future chapters of the series.

Keith Russo, a young lawyer in a small town of Florida was killed at his office desk. He was working there late at night that day. There were absolutely no clues left behind by the killer who shot him. On top of that, there were absolutely no witnesses of the killing. Moreover, there was no motive as well for killing him. But, police didn’t take long to nominate Quincy Miller as the prime suspect. He was a young Black man. He was one an old client of Keith Russo.
Quincy was given life imprisonment after he was tried and convicted. He maintained his innocence and struggled for help in prison for 22 long years. But, no one was listening to him at all. He had no lawyer to support him. In desperation and a lot of pain and misery, he wrote a letter to the Guardian Ministries. It was an NGO run by Cullen Post. He was a lawyer and he only takes a few cases for innocent people at a time. Will Quincy Miller be the lucky man now?
The Guardians is a typical Grisham novel. You will find it as an action-packed novel and with characters that you will love to hate. The storyline is also sharp and tempting where you will realize the due of human life and what exactly social justice is.

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