The Heavens May Fall

The story begins and moves on with three classic voices i.e David Colacci, R.C. Bray, and Amy McFadden. All these three narrators are well skilled in their field and they have proved their class in different works before this one. Narrating suspense is the toughest thing because one has to make the audience feel what is going on around him or her. If someone is narrating a suspense or mystery book without feeling then he is breaking the heart of the listeners. The novel by Allen Eskens is not like those dull creations by many other authors. Detective Max Rupert is hired for a case of murder and he thinks that it is a very easy case because all the evidence proves that Jennavieve is killed by her husband Ben. Boady who is a close friend of Max is hired by Ben and he thinks that Ben is completely innocent as the entire case is planned to trap Ben into it.

The case starts a clash between the two well-known attorneys of the town. Whether Ben is punished or not, one thing is certain i.e the friendship of Boady and Max would never be the same again in life. Both of these friends are also wounded from the inside because Max lost his wife a few years back Boady lost a client whom he wanted to save. So it is a case of redemption as well which both these men are looking for. The sadness of The Life We Bury and Nothing More Dangerous is painted in this novel. Also, all the characters present in this story are looking for a purpose in life because they have lost the previous one.

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