The Jasmine Project

The Jasmine Project is a YA fiction novel. It is written by Meredith Ireland. She is a Korean-American author and an attorney. She is known for writing adult and children’s novels. The audio narration of this novel involves a whole team. The names of the performers are Hannah Choi, Ramon de Ocampo, Jennifer Aquino, Joy Osmanski, and Gary Tiedemann. The performance was very nice and pleasing. It will take the enjoyment of this audio novel to the next level.


The life of Jasmine Yap was all great and fun. She was about to move in with Paul who was her longtime boyfriend. This was the situation before the start of her nursing studies at the community college. All of this was what she wanted to have. But, her nice and stable word was flipped upside down when she caught Paul red-handed while cheating on her. To her overprotective, huge family, the loss of Paul seemed to be their golden ticket to prove to Jasmine that she deserved much better in her life. But, the only problem there was that she refused to meet any other guy.

But, what if her family set up a specific situation for her about which she had no idea? That would be the secret Jasmine Project. It was a straightforward plan. Her family wanted to use her graduation party as that big opportunity where she will be secretly put in a situation to meet the most eligible bachelors in the town. Jasmine had no pressure to choose any specific guy there. But, her family wanted from all their heart that she finds one nice guy soon.

The book is more of a romantic comedy and the teenaged Korean American character was just so amazing.

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