The Last American Vampire

The most famous one of Seth Grahame-Smith that was read worldwide and changed the course of history was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It was derived from the journal that Lincoln himself wrote and remained long in the hiding. There were issues attached to the proper ending to that masterpiece and thus most awaited second part solves things finally. If you have not gone through the first part still there is some comic fun that you can find in the story about this old legend.

The last vampire starts narrating the condition of America when he comes to the place after hearing about the death of the vampire hunter. Henry Sturges has no purpose left in his life as he is the only vampire in America and being the last of his kind he cannot dominate the kingdom. Physically he weakening day by day and perhaps even the thirst of blood is no more, Henry wants to do something big now. In his search for a new quest he visits England and there meets a deadly being known as the Jack the Ripper.

In America however the vampire has no future left because the nights and days are the same i.e lit up by light thanks to Edison. Then he moves on to Russia and it is a vampire travelogue in which Henry sees the world with a difference. It is not the world that is favorable for the vampires anymore and the extinction is finally near which is inevitable. Dejected tone is applied for narration by MacLeod Andrews who knew what the author wanted to present to the public. It is a vampire going down in a poetical way.



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