The Lost World

The Lost World is a horror fiction and techno-thriller authored by Michael Crichton. The novel spent a whopping eight weeks as no. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. It remained on the list even after half a year. Give two other books from the author a chance titled Eaters of the Dead and Congo.

Scott Brick is a very capable narrator of this book. He reads in a smooth and clear voice. His voice can be a bit too plain at certain points. Still, it will appeal to the majority. He has varied between the different characters so there’s that.

Six years have passed since the disaster of Jurassic Park. It was the day when fascinating dreams of imagination and science came to a halt. The dinosaurs were destroyed, the park was dismantled. The island was also closed to the public. Yet, there are rumors that something survived.

Several undocumented animals are being reported on the island of Costa Rico. Eventually, a group of scientists lands on the island. One of them is investigating the findings i.e. Dr. Malcolm. The others are here to rescue the first one. As expected, chaos ensues on the island. Now, the islanders must fight to survive the dinosaurs found on the island.
Along with the dinosaurs, the book has a great deal about chaos theory. Dr. Malcolm goes on these rants to explain to us his bizarre theories of evolution. He also tells us a great deal about the extinction of dinosaurs. This can get boring at times, but the heart-pounding suspense of other scenes makes up for it. The book has great characters and fascinating creatures that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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