The Matrix and Philosophy

The Matrix and Philosophy is a film criticism book written by William Irwin. This book has a choice for us: do we want to put this audiobook and keep on thinking that The Matrix is just another movie? Will we take the blue pill? Or will we listen to this book, and discover the actual depth of the rabbit-hole, by taking the red pill? The answer is in our hands, but we will have to deal with the consequences for the rest of the life.

Irwin is best known for originating the “philosophy and popular culture” genre of books. He has also written nonfiction novels and has contributed to philosophical thought. Irwin was the first person to receive the Outstanding Alumnus award by the Philosophy Department at the University of Buffalo. You need to read BioShock and Philosophy similar to this one. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and Philosophy is the audiobook to listen to.

The narration has been performed by Oliver Wyman, Jennifer Jay Myers, and Rick Adamson. All three hold their ground. No one is a bad performer among them.

The Matrix has to be one of the most philosophical movies ever made. Every scene of it is reverberating with a philosophical conundrum. Many questions sprout out of the premise of the movie. All of these complex and intensive questions are answered in the book along with much more that is bound to blow our minds away.

The book ultimately covers the movie from every angle possible, whether it be ethical, aesthetical, metaphysical, or epistemological. If you decided to take the red pill, you should know that you would never look at the world in the same way again.

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