The Novice

The Novice is a young adult book. It is written by a young writer named Taran Matharu. He is only 31 years of age and has already become the bestseller author in New York Times. Thanks to his amazing novels which captivated a large group of audience. The worth mentioning book from the author is The Champion. In addition to that, the author also received excellent appreciation for his The Battlemage novel.


The audio narration of this novel is done by Ralph Lister. He is the voice of most novels that Taran Matharu has written. He proved his selection write every time and made The Novice audiobook a successful one just like his other brilliant performances.

He is capable of summoning the demons but is he capable enough to win a war?

Fletcher was working in the capacity of a blacksmith apprentice. In that time, he found that he had some unique abilities. That ability allowed him to summon the demons coming from some other world.

Fletcher was chased down for a crime in which he was never involved. He must look to travel ahead with Ignatius, his demon. The destination would be an academy for the adepts. It was a place where all the gifted individuals were made to learn the great art of summoning.

The concept of this book is very interesting but you will, later on, find it filled with stereotypes and bits of contrived racism as well. The characters lacked depth. This is not one of the best works of Taran Matharu.

Fletcher in the company of commoners and nobles endured the exhausting lessons. Those were the lessons that will prepare him well to serve in the capacity of a Battlemage in the war of the Empire.

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