The Perfect Sister

Every scene a master piece and every word full of mystery really makes the listener excited about this book that is about human relations and some family secrets as well. It is good practice not to trust strangers but if that new comer is the family relative that has been kept hidden from you then he is not a stranger. Blood relations are the best support one can find and trust in life, Claire gets that help in the form of her sister.

She never knew her sister existed in the world, Claire had a troubled life for years and a sister was like a blessing from the havens. Ella her daughter was terribly ill and then she was facing troubles created by her husband, last but not the least was the ill father with a memory issue. In all this a sister lands out of nowhere and tells Claire that she is her father’s child who has been kept hidden from the family.

The crime does not take place in the starting scenes that was a routine in books like The Secret Mother and One of Us Is Lying. It takes place when Claire leaves her daughter in her sister’s custody. Ella was quite friendly with her aunt and Sophie too was quite attached to her until she made Ella fall in the water and the watched her die.

Claire realizes that her father in his illness was trying to tell her something about the newly evolved sister of hers. Sheryl Browne is just mind blowing when her work comes in the stunning voice of Katie Villa the one who has been decorating such thrillers with her voice for the last many years.




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