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Going wild in love can certainly cause heavy damage to the life of a person. Hunter Davenport learnt all of this when his hockey team got whitewashed for an entire season. He wasn’t hoping for such a tragic outcome but when it happened, he finally decided that he will not put his nose in anything that is linked to hanging out with girls. He thought of it as a clever plan that could change his life. Then slowly he started to get distractions again and he thought that accepting a girl as a friend would not be quite harmful.

The new student in the class i.e Demi Davis was a hot looking thing for sure. Hunter became her friend and when he got the chance to be with her, he quickly felt that it was difficult to resist the temptation. She had a boyfriend which meant that Hunter was not allowed to touch her. After sometime she became single and it was a good opportunity for Hunter to jump in but he told himself that he had to control himself in order to go by the rules.

THE PLAY Audiobook
THE PLAY Audiobook

At that point Demi started making a play for Hunter which allowed them to work in coordination for an entire year. Still Demi’s parents didn’t like Hunter and his mind was continuously telling him that he has to keep himself away if he wants to succeed as a team captain.

Author Elle Kennedy played with the tool of temptation in Good Girl Complex and The Score perfectly. Here the author has used the same tool once again quite successfully. It is temptation which brings Hunter and Demi close to one another. Ana Osorio and Teddy Hamilton i.e the narrators of the novel have not worked together very much but they have managed excellently in this story.

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