The Recovery Agent

The Recovery Agent is the first book in the Gabriella Rose novel series. It is a humor & satire fiction novel. The book is written by Janet Evanovich. She is an American mystery and thriller writer. Her career started with the writing of short contemporary romance novels but her real fame came with her mystery novels. If one great book written by the author has to be recommended then that will be her Three to Get Deadly novel. You will also enjoy her writing in Going Rogue novel.

The audio narration of The Recovery Agent novel is done by Lorelei King. It was a very powerful and enjoyable performance that will leave a deep impression in the hearts and minds of the listeners.

Was there anything lost? Gabriela Rose knew how to get back all of the lost things. She was a recovery agent and she used to get hired by different companies and individuals who were looking for stolen heirlooms, lost treasures, or missing assets of any kind. She was very much reliable and extremely cool under pressure. She was trained in weapons of a variety of types. But, the latest job Gabriela was not for some bamboozled kind of a billionaire, it was actually for her own family. Their home was at risk of getting wiped off the face of the Earth if they couldn’t come quickly with big money.

This could well be described as a young adult novel. It appeared to be quite a fun book at the start but there were some ups and downs throughout the book. This will also be a chapter that you will find full of poisonous snakes lost treasure, drug cartels, cults, etc.

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