The Roommate

The new thing about the story is the voice of Aoife McMahon who has narrated such a murder mystery for the first time. The voice of the narrator is just perfect for a thing like this because she creates an appeal in your mind to listen to the whole story without getting any kind of short break. Niamh Turley is the main character of the story that is just twenty-two years of age and has no proper experience in the professional field. This is why her life as a teacher is full of troubles as she does not know how to handle things in the class, she is learning but her speed is not appreciable. Author Dervla McTiernan has put in the story a tough principle to make things difficult for Niamh. The girl just wants to get out of all these troubles and adding more to her miseries is the incident of a murder near her bedside.
Her roommate is murdered in cold blood and she does not know anything about it. When she goes to school everyone thinks that she is the one who has committed the crime. The enquiring eyes of the people around her make her feel terrible. The more troublesome thing for the young girl is the threat that the murderer is present around her somewhere in the school and he will probably come for her too later. With this terror in mind, she goes back to her room in the evening waiting for her fate or a miracle that could lead her out of this trouble. The girl is not presented as someone who has the potential to stand against the odds but for the sake of her life, she finally stands strong.

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