The Scholar

Detective Cormac Reilly gets a phone call from his girlfriend which triggers the story. He wasn’t expecting a hit-and-run case to be a murder at first but after investigation, the evidence lead to one thing i.e the girl was hit intentionally. Dr. Emma the girlfriend of Cormac saw the injured girl on the roadside and the first thing she did was calling Cormac. The detective came to the scene and took the case into his own hands which would not have been possible if he had arrived late because his department didn’t want him to investigate any such case. The girl who died during the accident was Carline Darcy i.e the heir of the Darcy Empire. Killing such a girl could have several purposes; money is one of them of course. It is the Darcy Company which was funding everything in the city from political parties to science researches.

Detective Cormac gets confused about the case because this time he starts doubting the true identity of his girlfriend too. Dervla McTiernan’s works such as The Sisters and The Good Turn attracted a lot of fans and surely none of them would be disappointed after listening to this novel. Aoife McMahon gives complete time and concentration to the narration of this mind-blowing book which starts from one murder and lands us in the middle of a big conspiracy. No one expects at the start that the novel will reach such heights after the middle when the story starts getting serious. Things keep on getting bigger and bigger which makes it an adult book by all means. Direct bloodshed lacks in the story but the threat of murder remains in the air.

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