The School of Hard Knocks

Christopher G. Nuttall has written about magic all his life and this is the specialty of the author. The way he describes the world of magic is incomparable, not only the author comes with different kinds of magic and magical powers but he also describes it to perfection. The world in this novel is not an enchanted land but the people have secret powers which they seldom use when the need arises. Also at the Mountaintop Academy, there are precious things that should not get into the hands of the enemy at any rate.
Someone evil has been plotting something evil against the people of the land. The plan has finally started working and most of the locals have no ideas about the biggest conspiracy in history. Emily and her friends have long been on to all of this and they still haven’t been able to get to the source of all this. Emily’s precious notes are not with her anymore because someone has stolen them too.
The girl has to go back to the Mountaintop Academy for the sake of investigation but she cannot do all of this without a disguise. If the people at the academy recognize her then it would be all over for her. Getting caught is not affordable under such serious circumstances.
Like Little Witches and The Empire’s Corps the story was mysterious but the author has never tried to produce extra scary stuff. Tavia Gilbert too tries to come up with a voice that would make narration appealing for the kids as well. None of us get scared when Emily goes in disguise though the situation makes us curious.

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