Lee Child and Andrew Child have started creating extremely awesome stories since the day they have joined hands. The stories about Jack Reacher have always been appealing for those who want to see a hero who is working for the innocent people. Jack Reacher is the kind of man who is just skilled in completing big tasks and for many years he has no personal goal in life so he is just trying to help those who call for help. He gets the job done and he is blessed with all the time in the world to do it.

There are no personal motives behind these deeds and after every mission, Jack just vanishes into thin air. This does not mean that you would not be able to see him again because he is always present quite close to you. In this new town called Pleasantville, Jack comes in search of something pleasant but he gets the same old action packed welcome.

When he enters the town he observes that four men are trying to attack one man who don’t know how to defend himself even. Jack thinks of it as the right time to interfere. He saves the life of the man who has been fired from job a few days ago and he didn’t know why those men attacked him. The name of the man was Rusty Rutherford and he was fired after the cyberattack on the town’s official data.

Scott Brick has kept the narration simple at the beginning and for the action scenes the narrator changes the style a little like always. Just like Killing Floor and No Plan B deadlier sins are revealed in the later part of the novel and Rusty thinks of himself as a lucky person because he had Reacher with him. Reacher didn’t expect to find such a big issue in a small town still he decides to solve the case because that is what he likes.

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