The Shoe Bird

The Shoe Bird is not just a simple story rather it is a new addition to the world of literature. Samuel Jones has never tried such a thing before so it was also a new experience for the author too. Perhaps the author was not ready for such a response from the audience in such a quick succession. The book became a major hit instantaneously and people just loved the main character. The story moves like any other story written for children i.e in a simple way but there are hidden messages for every one of us that can be understood only when it is listened slowly.
Voice of Jim Dale is another perfect addition to the book, the narrator has been narrating such books in the past. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Book 3 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5 also remained the highlight in the series because of Jim Dale.
There are bird characters like a parrot, owl and a Dodo which the narrator had to handle and he did it marvelously well. In the story the birds decide to start wearing shoes so that they can walk on the ground but they were unaware that this will make them an easy dinner for the cat which had an eye on them.
Full of musical scenes the story presents funny things which can make any kid laugh out loud. The character of the cat i.e Freddy is described as a cunning character that constantly searches for the right opportunity. Freddy is basically not loyal to anybody rather he is planning for his own benefit all the time.

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