The Skies of Pern

The sky is clear finally and after a long time the people of Pern are free. They can live a free life without any sort of threat. There is a hope in the air that the human race might once again thrive on the planet. There was an element of boredom in the previous chapter Dragonseye because there was nothing new for the audience; it was the same fight of the dragon riders and the unending thread. That’s why perhaps Anne McCaffrey has intentionally brought a change to give new life to the story and the people of Pern planet. After a fight for centuries with the unending threat the people feel a bit odd while settling into the daily chores of life for which they were not ready now.

No one ever planned that what he or she would do if the danger is eradicated forever. They have new technology with which there is a hope of improvement in life and at the same time the people can use more of the planet now. There is no need to hide in the stone shackles; they can live in fresh air. Most uncertain is the situation of the dragon riders who were once considered as the saviors and the most important part of the society, now their existence is meaningless. No one needs the dragons or the dragon riders and now they should think of something else if they want to make a living.


Then a new threat from the sky engulfs the happiness of the people once again. Dick Hill at the start uses a light voice as the story was presenting people with a happy mode and after the climax the voice once again becomes corrosive as another evil lurks on Pern.



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