The Stranger

The Stranger is a mystery thriller novel. It is a novel written by Harlan Coben who is known for his brilliant writing in the subject genre. There are plenty of novels in the archives of Harlan Coben that will mesmerize you. The best of the best ones are: The Boy from the Woods and Hold Tight.

The performance in this audiobook is given by George Newbern. It was a good performance with clarity in accent. You will get good vibes with the energy that George Newbern can produce through his voice.

The novel starts with a stranger who just comes out of nowhere. He was perhaps coming from a parking lot or maybe a bar or a grocery store. The identity of the man is unknown and his motives were also not clear at all. The information coming from him is undeniable. He whispered a few words and then disappears. That made things tougher to pick pieces that belong to the shattered world.

Adam Price has high stakes and a lot to lose. He was having a very happy marriage with a beautiful woman. They were having two sons as well. On top of that, the happiness deal had all the key trappings of a dream. It was about having a nice big house, a top class job, and perfect life.
But, then he comes across the stranger and his life is changed by knowing a secret about his wife.
The novel seems like having mixed plots and kind of disconnected as well. It comes to a very abrupt ending. Harlan Coben could have done better and he has done a lot better than this in other novels. The performance by George Newbern was good, which the audience appreciated.

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