The Whole Truth

David Baldacci is a trendsetter in mystery series, the author has a routine of producing extraordinary things that don’t exist previously. Always coming up with new ideas like The Forgotten and Daylight, has made David famous among the fans. A secret organization is described in the first part of the series which works for money and fulfills any task which is given by its employer. Most of the tasks which are assigned seem impossible for others but for Pender Associates, it is part of the daily job. Mathew Pender is the man who leads everything in this strange type of firm. Whatever the task is Mat just does not say no to it but this time the one who is giving him the assignment wants the oddest thing. The source which is hiring the Pender Associates this time wants to start a war between two nations. For this, they need a lot of firepowers which can ignite the things between the rivals.

The mission is not only strange but is dangerous as well because the war between the two nations can easily turn into a World War III. More and more countries from the surrounding would get involved in the issue and the Pender Associates would be held responsible for all of this massive killing. Ron McLarty narrates Mat’s character as a serious one who is mature and responsible. Also, he does not feel shy while accepting a mission at the same time he does not want to start a war. The current case puts the hero in a fix because he just cannot decide what to choose and what to reject.

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