They Call Me Baba Booey

They Call Me Baba Booey is a book from the Arts & Entertainment category. It is written jointly by Gary Dell’Abate and Chad Millman. The latter is a Chief Content officer in a media company that looks after the provisioning of real-time betting data and other sorts of premium analysis. The author has been involved in the writing of other books as well. Invincible is a memoir from the author where he partnered with another writer. The Detonators is another memoir that Chad Millman wrote individually.

Gary Dell’Abate himself narrated this volume. You will be glad that it is done by him once you finish listening to this one.

Gary Dell’Abate is great from the pop culture and surely among the unsung heroes of his time. He was a miracle worker as in the capacity of the Howard Stern show producer. This is the very first time that Gary has opened up about his early years. He told a few painful things about his chaotic early childhood and the obsessions that prepared him to take one of the greatest shows in the world.

Baba Booey! Was nothing but a slip of tongue. This was heard then by millions of listeners. In that split of a second, a persona, a nickname, and a great phenomenon were born. For some, it was the Gary Dell’Abate moment.

Gary explains with utmost perfection that how his chaotic early life proved to be the ideal training ground for the daily chaos that comes with the production of the most influential radio show in the world.

The life story of Gary in this one is so interesting. This book is of the perfect length and it never got boring. It is a must-read book for any of the fans of Howard Stern.

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