Twisted Truth

Twisted Truth is a mystery thriller. It is the first chapter of the Rogue Justice novel series which is written by Melinda Leigh. Melinda had a career in the banking industry earlier o but she soon realized that writing is more fun. She became the #1 bestselling author in Amazon and Wall Street Journal. Thanks to her Drown Her Sorrows novel for bringing success for her. The credit also goes to her See Her Die novel which was loved a lot by the audience.

The narration of this novel is done by Kate Rudd. It was a lively narration that fulfilled all the expectations which any listeners could have from an audiobook.

The story in this novel starts with Seth Harding, the detective who is seen responding to the gunshots being fired. He came across a very familiar sight in this case. It turned into a double murder case. He was quite shocked to learn about a young boy who was chained while kept in the basement of a property. The child was too terrified and scared to utter any word. However, Sets knows that he will be the key to some really big revelation.

Although reluctantly, but Seth summoned a social worker who is the only one he could trust. That social worker was Carly, his wife. She was already having her own set of issues to deal with, especially in coming to terms with he own trauma which she experienced in her job. But, she was not able to turn her back to this case.

The characters of this novel are excellent with wonderful intensity. You will be booked for some intriguing and thrilling action. The narration by Kate Rudd impressed one and all.

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