Get ready to take a tour to the personal life of Lauren and Matthew Walsh. Both were engaged in their own issues when they first met each other. They weren’t looking for each other and when their paths collided, they just stopped thinking about anything else. Lauren never wanted anyone to tell her what to do because she was an independent girl and didn’t want anyone to dominate her thoughts and emotions.

Then she accidently fell in the lap of the man who was so hot that she didn’t want to leave him. Though her mind tells her that she should leave him at once but her heart asks her to remain with the man forever. Matthew Walsh was also not expecting to see a woman naked because he had other important things to do in life. When he saw Lauren in that precarious situation, he was left with no other choice except to go closer to her.

After that first encounter, the two tried to remain away from each other and not to talk about the matter again. Their hearts were forcing them to do the unthinkable and both of them wanted the other to talk about the matter first. They weren’t shy, it was because of the image that both of them were keeping for such a long time that they wanted the other to express love. Kate Canterbary has described the wild human emotions up to the maximum level here.

Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers have narrated it tremendously well and without a single error. The Space Between and The Cornerstone were also blessed with the same kind of quality narration. Such stories are best portrayed when the narration is also superb.

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