Undone is a contemporary romance novel. It is the second chapter of The Untangled Series. The book is written by Ivy Layne. She was an avid fan of romance novels since her teenage and then soon she started writing as well. In her literary career, she gave several strong novels where The Billionaire’s Secret Love is one of them. Moreover, The Billionaire’s Promise is another good title from Ivy Layne.

The narration of Undone is done by Alexander Cendese and Grace Hunt. It was a good performance mostly. The only improvement area was the lacking of a male narrator doing the female voices.

Sinclair was an intense and focused man. It was a bad idea to touch him and I knew that already, but wanted to do that anyway. My life was a complete mess and to have a man in my life was the very last thing that I needed. Trouble was all that my dead husband left behind for me. Knox had all the answers but he was not willing to share them. I was not sure if he could be trusted. I wanted to but I just cannot afford to be wrong.

I am Knox and I don’t have to say anything for a woman to come and fall in my lap. Then I saw Lily’s picture and I wanted to have her. I wanted to touch her and passionately kiss her lips. I was always there for Lily and her son. But trusting her was an altogether different story.

Undone is a very good romance novel. You will be mesmerized by the understanding, attraction, and the great steam between the two characters.

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