UNSUB is a mystery thriller novel. It is the first chapter of the Unsub novel series which is written by Meg Gardiner. She is an American writer of thriller novels. She has published 14 novels so far in her career where her first novel came in 2002. The Dirty Secrets Club is the most fascinating novel by the author. The Memory Collector is another sensation novel which the same writer has written.

Hillary Huber is the narrator of this novel. The narration has been fantastic throughout and you will find it a fairly easy and enjoyable listen. Caitlin Hendrix has been a detective in the narcotics department for nearly six months. It was that time when the murderer reemerges at the core of her childhood time nightmares. It was the Prophet. The FBI calls it an UNSUB, or an unknown subject. The Bay Area was completely terrorized by the Prophet during the 1990s and he almost destroyed her father. He was involved as the lead investigator in the case.

The cryptic messages of the Prophet and the different mind games drove Mack Hendrix, the Detective right to the edge of madness. The failure of Mack to solve the spree of killings of apparently 11 unconnected victims left with the old mark for Mercury which was etched right into the skin. This proved to be the last nail in the coffin for once having a highly promising career.

The book was good almost overall. It is the ending that was way too disappointing. No Spoilers… The narration of this chapter lifted the mood and interest of the audience in this novel.

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