Children were trained in Ender’s Game for the finale and now the final war is approaching in this conclusion. Rigg was trained to stop the alien invasion and he proved his skills every time he was needed on a battlefront. During his training, this one boy showed the sparkle which no one else had in him. Further, as Rigg moved in his life he met another one like him and the two did wonderful things for the human race. In these missions that the two youngsters performed they developed their skills and their power grew at every level.
At the time when Rigg’s sister was kidnapped the two went on a suicidal mission and to everyone’s amazement, they came back successful. But all of those were secondary missions and it was like a faceoff between Rigg and his enemies. The stage is finally set and the conclusion part has arrived which has been sketched brilliantly by Orson Scott Card.

Powers and talents are tested to the limits in this part and only one side will survive after the war which has finally begun. Kirby Heyborne, Stefan Rudnicki, and Emily Rankin have narrated according to the standards of Speaker for the Dead and Ender’s Game.

This single novel tests the heroes to the core and survival this time would only be possible if you win otherwise the rival will crush you and the people standing with you. No one is going anywhere without a fight and hiding or running away will not solve anything. Even planning and staying on a defensive stance is not a good idea for Rigg and his team members.

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