Wayward is the second chapter in the Wayward Pines novel series. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller written by Blake Crouch. The Wayward Pines Trilogy is his best-known work. It also got adapted in the TV series in 2015 with the same title as the trilogy. William Blake is the quite young age of 42 for a writer. He has already given some amazing thrillers in the form of Recursion and Dark Matter novels.

Paul Michael Garcia got the opportunity to narrate Wayward in audio format. He was the narrator in the first chapter of the trilogy as well. The audience is glad that he continued in this chapter with an even better performance.

Wayward Pines is nestled right in the center of the attractive mountains. It is a beautiful town but had razor wire and an electrified fence. Nipper scope here almost 24/ 7. On top of that, the relentless surveillance of the place tracks every gesture and word spoken. The residents of Wayward Pines had no idea how they managed to get here. They are directed where they have to work and even how to live their life. They are not even allowed to marry at their own will. Some people think that they are dead while others think that they might just be trapped in some kind of unfathomable experiment. Everyone dreams about leaving the place secretly.
Wayward is a top-rated novel despite having an abrupt ending and a few loose ends. It will make you wait for more for the concluding chapter of the trilogy. The performance by Paul was superb as well.

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